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Our Pharmacy


Circle C Animal Hospital has a full in-house pharmacy so that your pet's medication can be filled rapidly and with a high standard of quality.

We also have an online pharmacy through which unique medications and formulations can be provided and delivered to our client's homes.



dog with medications



Not all websites offering pet medications are safe or reputable. The FDA warns that some sites are fronts for businesses breaking federal, state or international laws. These illegal pet pharmacies may be selling product that is misrepresented, expired, incorrectly labeled, or dangerous. Other websites may not secure your payment and other personal information, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft.

To help protect your pet and provide you peace of mind, our practice offers MyVetStoreOnline, an online store linked within our website. MyVetStoreOnline is backed by an accredited veterinary pharmacy, verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.